ORIGINALS Figurative

Figurative paintings by Maria Bevilacqua-Fischer

Here is a selection of my figurative paintings, I recently  like to create to connect  inner emotions with outer human shapes and forms.

"Sognando" DREAMING

This lady reminds to keep young at heart, to dance through life and always keep dreaming...


Acrylic paint on professional heavy acrylic paper,

Size of painting:  20x20cm

Size framed:  30x30cm

Frame wood white  OR  aluminum grey  and deep edged white mat are included in price.



Sognando 30x30framed

0,00 €

  • sold

"Oltre le linee" BEYOND THE LINES

In this piece I wanted to create the impression of a  body, just using a few lines.  The payne's grey background gives this painting a great depth and the bright lines give a strong contrast.  This semi-figurative piece is a timeless eye-catcher in every room.


Size and technique: 

80 x 100 x 2 cm

(31.5 x 39,4 x 0,78 inch) 

Acrylic paint on stretched canvas, sides are painted - ready to hang.


1.200,00 €

  • available
  • ready for shipping within 3-5 business days1

"Non guardare indietro" DON'T LOOK BACK

I wanted to create a woman that shows her vulnerability, which is at the same time her strength and beauty. This painting has an elegant und pure expression, due to the minimalist colours palette. Depending on light surroundings it looks  brighter or darker but  always keeps its captivating charisma.


This piece is part of a private collection and is not available for sale.


Size and technique: 

Painting size: 50 x 50 x 0,3 cm  (19,7 x 19,7  x 0,12 inch)

Framed size:  50 x 50 x 2 cm  (19,7 x 19,7 x 0,78 inch)

Acrylic paint on thin HDF-board (=high density fiber board)  0,3 cm  (0,12 inch) -  please note: HDF-boards need framing.

Protected with semi-gloss varnish.

Don't look back, original on hdf-board, 50x50cm

0,00 €


The original piece is sold -  and went to a private collector in Sweden.


-> High quality art print on Hahnemühlepaper available  size: 20x30 cm  (7,9 x 11,8 inch).

Please contact me for price if interested.


0,00 €

  • sold

"Lei" HER

This piece speaks about old times, transferred in modern shape.  I'm always impressed by old paintings and the expression some of them convey. So I figured out, what a modern interpretation could be.  This is a painting that connects the past with the present. A truly eye-catching piece that stands alone.


Size and technique: 

70x 70 x 4 cm

(27,6 x 27,6 x 1,5 inch) 

Acrylic paint on gallery wrapped canvas, sides are painted - ready to hang.

Lei - her - original on canvas, 70x70x4cm

750,00 €

  • available
  • ready for shipping within 3-5 business days1

"Semplicità" NATURALNESS

An attractive girls back,...    the body is roughly carved out of the surface. 

A reduced and compelling piece for a contemporary surrounding.


Size and technique: 

Painting size: 30 x 30 x 0,3 cm  (11,8 x 11,8  x 0,12 inch)

Framed size:  50 x 50 x 2 cm  (19,7 x 19,7 x 0,78 inch)

Acrylic paint on thin HDF-board 0,3 cm  (0,12 inch) - ready framed in black frame (wood) with white mat.


ragazza - semplicità

250,00 €

  • available
  • ready for shipping within 3-5 business days1

"Fragilità" FRAGILITY

I wanted to capture the fragility of life in this work. Though there is darkness, the face has its own brightness and glow. A very textured piece with lots of details, that are difficult to show in a photo. The face is painted with crackling metallic paint to emphasize the fragility.


Size and technique:

50 x 50 x 4 cm

(19,7 x 19,7 x 1,6 inch)

 Acrylic paint on stretched canvas with - painted sides - ready to hang.

Fragility, original on canvas, 50x50x4cm

490,00 €

  • available
  • ready for shipping within 3-5 business days1