customer services

See more Details?

You'd like to see more DETAILS OF A PAINTING before purchasing? On request I can send you more

  • detail pics in high resolution via eMail 

or we could arrange either a 

  • Whatsapp video call or
  • iMessage video call

If you'd like to do so, please send me a message - telling me, how I can help you.

Regarding the video call, I need the name of the painting you'd like to see and your phone-number - we then agree a time for the video call and I call you back.

This services of course are totally free  and without any obligation for you.

Visualisation on your wall?

You'd like to see my painting(s) Visualized IN YOUR ROOM for a better decision?

  1. Send me a photo (frontal view) of your wall  via E-mail using button below.
  2. Let me know, how long one of the furniture shown on your photo is, so I can fix a scale
  3. Tell me in the mail which of my painting(s) you'd like to have simulated on your wall
  4. I will send you a picture of the selected painting(s) shown on your wall - in scale!

This service of course is completely free and without any obligation for you.


Be sure that once you have placed your order, I will prepare your painting(s),  carefully pack them and  send them off to you via Deutsche Post / DHL within 3 - 5 business days after receipt of money.


To check all details regarding shipping conditions please use - button below: "Shipping Information".  Here is a quick overview:


SHIPPING within the EU

Completely FREE SHIPPING within the countries of the European Union for all shipping sizes (including bulky sizes).


Shipping OUTSIDE the EU

Please check the list of countries I deliver to - use button below "Shipping Information".  To the mentioned countries we apply the following shipping flat rates: 

  • Items of shop section "Small paintings"- per order:   15 €
  • Items of all other shop sections and sizes - per order:   35 €
  • Free shipping for orders that exceed a total value of: 1000  €  (applies for all shipping sizes including bulky sizes to  the listed countries).

Your country is NOT in the list we deliver to? Please ask me.

Regarding countries not mentioned in our list of shipping destinations as e.g. Australia, Russian Federation and others:

I am currently unable to send all sizes to every country worldwide, that's why your country may not be in the list.

Please ask me, if you are interested in purchasing a painting and we will check, if it is possible to send it in your country and at which additional shipping price. 

Questions? Please contact me...