My name is Maria Bevilacqua-Fischer and I was born in Italy. I came to Germany with my parents, when I was a little child.  After completing my studies to become a Business Administrator for Marketing Communications I worked many years for an international publishing company. I loved my job and worked very seriously to become a “Marketing Manager”. But when I arrived at this level of career in my early thirties, it felt no longer important to me.


So I started to change my live. I began to read self-discovery books, went to different psychology courses, NLP courses, tried to do pottery, went to dance workshops and joined a theater group,  attended to courses of art history, creative writing and many things more…   - it was all wonderful, but I was still searching the 'right thing' for me.


Until by coincidence I happened to join a meditation group. I was very reluctant to try because I really was against all this 'esoteric stuff'.  But then I tried.  And after my very first meditation, which touched me so deeply – I had the urge to paint. It was really astonishing because I’d never lifted a paint brush before.


So I went to my first painting course – and it was amazing how natural it was to me, to play with the colours. As if this creative part of me had waited patiently to wake up, filling me with a joyful and strong energy, I didn’t know before.


This now is 20 years ago.  Of course I had lots to learn and went to a few painting teachers. But I always had the feeling that I should find my own way of expression, painting what’s inside me – and not so much following formal painting rules. So I painted many years just for myself and for the fun of doing it, when I felt like. I was so happy to have found a way to 'feed my soul'.


In the meantime I did many other different things trying to find a new career path I would like to follow.  E.g. I attended a five years apprenticeship to become a meditation and spiritual teacher, but when I was able to call myself a ‘teacher’ - I didn’t feel like teaching any more. So I kept going and exploring.


One evening a few years ago I opened a social media account just for fun. After the first few posts I was really astonished, how people reacted to my paintings and about the amazingly positive feedback.

And I realized that I could touch people through my art. This really meant a lot to me and was a kind of wake-up call. More and more people from different countries asked me to buy my paintings.  This motivated me to start pursuing a professional painting career and I couldn't be happier having found my way, doing something I love.


What you can find today in my art is something like the ‘essence’ of the last 20 years of search, studies, inner and outer development. I am deeply grateful I was able to go through all these different life experiences and I'm now able to share and offer my work. 


In 2019 I started exhibiting at different international galleries and art fairs and I'm so happy and honoured to be exhibiting at ArtExpo New York in April 2020.

Hope to meet you personally in one of the occasions.


All the best,